Poshlocket Anchors Spotted

Poshlocket anchors spotted on these lovely bloggers!  Anchors and anything nautical inspired is a must have for this spring and summer! 

 Megan from For All Things Lovely

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Looking for some awesome new members to join the team!

We are looking for one awesome individual for the following positions:  

1.)  Social Media Intern (part-time/work remotely) 
      Qualitifications:  Must be proficient at utilizing all social media channels including but 
      not limited to facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest, and tumblr.   You should know all 
      the top fashion blogs and read blogs on a daily basis.   Must have a go-getter 
      personality.  The individual will be an active contributor in all of Poshlocket's social 
      media channels.  Will assist the social media associate and director on all adhoc 
      Hours: 5 hours, 3 days a week.  
      Compensation:  Unpaid; will receive school credit upon request; $100 Poshlocket  
      store credit every month.  
      How to Apply:  Please forward resume to info@poshlocket.com with subject:  
     "SM INTERN". 

2.)  Fashion blog contributor/writer (part-time/work remotely)
      Qualifications:  Should already have a blog of their own, have experience writing for 
      other blogs. Must be immersed in the fashion scene, know current trends and 
      what's "IN" at the moment.  Know how to make collages using various fashion collage 
      websites or programs. Subscribed to about a thousand blogs.  On Pinterest and 
      Tumblr 24/7!  Possesses a fashion- minded writing style. Will work to help grow the 
      Poshlocket blog with great content.  Great for fashion writers seeking to gain more 
      experience in fashion writing.  
      Posting Schedule:  3 posts per week.  
      Compensation:  Unpaid but has a potential to become a stipend position; Poshlocket 
      store credit (will be determined after initial interview).  Also, if you have a blog or a 
      website, you will always have a link to your blog or website on the blog writer
      How to Apply:  Please forward resume/bio to info@poshlocket.com with subject: 

kisses and hug, 


Tastemakers Club

We recently launched a new series on our website TASTEMAKERS CLUB .   We'll be introducing like-minded creatives, bloggers, and entrepreneurs that we are inspired by and simply just adore.   Our first two tastemakers are Julie from blog Julip Made and Kat from With Love From Kat.    Julie has some serious talent in the cocktail DIY department and she shares a recipe for a spring cocktail.  And the lovely Kat  tells us her everyday go-to accessories styling and some tips on the hot spots in her Upper East Side neighborhood.  Check out our TASTEMAKERS CLUB and be sure check back every month for new features!  


Skull Focus and a hint of rose gold edge

Introducing our latest fashion feather with Ashley Treece.  Ashley's the editor behind  ASHLEY TREECE.   We love her edgy girlie girl style.  Be sure to check out her blog and the SKULL FOCUS and ROSE GOLD WITH EDGE feature.  

kisses and hug,